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Dog Boarding in Manhattan, NY - OPEN EVERY DAY

When you leave town for work or play, trust the safety and comfort of your dog to DOG WASH Doggie Daycare & Boarding NYC. Your canine companion has more peace of mind while you are away when you use our cozy dog boarding in Manhattan, NY.

Our heated, air-conditioned and air purified facility has been specifically designed under the advisement and approval of the NYC Board of Veterinary Health. As such, we feature Veterinarian quality individual sterilized runs measuring 4" x 8", equipped with beds and blankets. These larger runs are specifically designed to prevent virus transmission, aggression injuries, and offer a "den" like preferred sanctuary to sleep peacefully.

Compare and beware: Most other boarding facilities in NYC unfortunately only offer "cageless boarding", (at a much higher price). This is where they essentially use their daycare rooms as sleeping quarters, offering no individual "sanctuary" and allows for the spread of unsanitary conditions should an accident occur at night



Dog Boarding

For Your Satisfaction, We:

• Provide State-of-the-Art Air Sterilization & Purification for fresh air
• Provide 24/7 Veterinary Technician supervision and monitoring
• Provide meals based on your dog's daily routine
• Conduct individual outdoor walks near Washington Square Park 3X per day

• Offer Premium Chicken & Rice dog food if you don't provide your own
• Serve special dietary meals or medications (when provided)
• Immaculately maintain our premises
• Provide Beds & Fresh Blankets each night as part of our "Tuck-In" service


• Dog Boarding Is for Manhattan residents only
• Please carefully label any possessions brought with your dog for boarding
• All dogs must have proof of current Rabies, Distemper, & Bordatella Vaccinations

• Boarding reservations, drop-offs, & pickups must be pre-arranged
• We do not accept geriatric, (health declining risk), dogs for boarding
• Pickup & delivery service is available by request (must also be pre-arranged)
• All customers must pay in advance & show ID


• $63 per night (Includes 3 walks & meals)
• 25% Off a wash for boarding customers
• $15 Add-on fee for "Play Den" Daycare during the day
• $57 per dog when multiple dogs share a run (with veterinarian approval)

• $57 per night on reservations of eight nights or longer
• $5 per day for medication administration
• All posted prices reflect a 5% cash discount
• $20 Holiday charge per holiday, (refundable w/3 day advance cancellation)

Printable Boarding Pre-Registration Form  Requirements Notice