4 Types of Vegetables that are Dangerous and Cannot Be Eaten by Dogs

When raising pets, we should know what types of food they may and may not consume. This is based on the fact that many pets are poisoned and not a few who meet death because it is caused by the food they consume. Therefore, as animal keepers, we should understand the content of these types of food and know whether the food is suitable for consumption or not by animals.

Pet dogs are no exception. Of course, as a dog lover, you should also be more vigilant and also as careful as possible regarding food for your dog. Dogs are included in carnivorous animals, but not only dogs have to eat meat. In fact, dogs can digest all types of food, including vegetables. Vegetables for dogs can meet their amino acid needs.

Although food derived from nature is very good for the body, it is different for dogs. The following are types of food, in the form of vegetables that may not be for dogs. Hopefully, the info in this article can add to your insight in recognizing and also understanding the effects that can be caused.

☞ Mushroom

The fungus has many types and consists of various forms. There are small and also large shapes. In addition, there are also toxic and non-toxic mushrooms. Non-toxic mushrooms are sometimes used as the main ingredient in the manufacture of food and medicine.

For food, the basic ingredients of mushrooms are usually sold freely. Some are for human consumption as well as for livestock. However, for pets like dogs, mushrooms turn out to be a type of food that is harmful to dogs and is not recommended. This is because fungi can cause poisoning. If your dog is poisoned by a fungus, thermoric symptoms and seizures will occur, followed by organ failure. You have to be careful your dog may die.

☞ Spinach

In fact, spinach, if consumed by humans, can increase the production of red blood cells. However, what will happen if spinach is consumed by dogs? Spinach contains oxalic acid, which, if consumed in too much amount, will cause the body’s ability to absorb calcium inhibited. If this happens, it will cause damage to the kidneys. Actually, dogs can consume these vegetables, but only in small amounts. In addition, it is recommended only for dogs that are already adults.

☞ Rhubarb

For humans, this type of rhubarb vegetable can cure diarrhea. Although this is classified as a vegetable, other rhubarb is not suitable for consumption by dogs. Rhubarb is a plant that is red and classified as cultivated plants and belongs to the Polygonaceae family. For consumption by humans, the leaf stalks from this plant can be used as food. However, the leaves contain oxalic acid, which is dangerous for consumption. Why can’t these vegetables be consumed by dogs? Because the leaves and stems are able to absorb calcium in the dog’s body. If this happens, it will cause problems in your dog’s kidneys.

☞ Onion

Types of onions, such as onions and garlic, can actually cause poisoning in dogs. The impact can be seen if you give garlic to be consumed; it can cause poisoning. This happens if the amount of garlic is quite a lot. However, if the amount consumed is small, it will have a positive impact, such as preventing dogs from fleas.

In addition, the onion will also cause poisoning. This can be seen from the impact of an increase in the performance of the dog’s heart so that it will affect his breathing. In addition, dogs will also look lethargic, and if you look more closely, the gums will look pale. If this goes on for a long time without treatment, then the dog can meet death.

Thus information on the types of vegetables that should not be eaten by dogs. Hopefully, the information above is useful for you.